My garb for the Faire. I bought new skirts while I was there (the green top and brownish bottom), got a rabbit pelt, and two new tails added to my fox tail bustle. 
I love my cincher it’s so cute it’s like wearing a hug all day 💕
Super attractive cincher lines
Dirty work mirror selfie ~*~
Everything is so beautiful right now
On break from my Photography class. I’m so tired, but this college thing is cool
My mom back in ‘81. 
She’s a babe.

I am beautiful. I have always been told so. But when I am being described, I am told I look “exotic” and “European”.
I am half Native American and half Caucasian. I look different from my family because of my tanned skin, my bold nose, my large lips, and my high cheek bones. So why is it that, when my Native American features are my most prominent accents, I am seen as “European” and “exotic”? The history of my people exclusively lies in Southern California. I, by definition, cannot be “exotic”. My people are not foreign, but because most people have rarely, if ever, encountered a Native American, I am seen as strange and unusual. My people have lived in this country before it was a county, yet I am seen as the foreign one.
People can find no terms to describe my beauty in anything less than Eurocentric ones. My Caucasian roots are so distant, diverse, and extensive that I cannot properly describe myself as “European”. I am not a myth, a caricature, or a fetish.
I am Native American. I am Cahuilla and Tejon. I am not “exotic” nor “European”. I am beautiful and ethnic. I am proud.

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bang bang we ‘n da murda bizness
I’m going out to dinner with family and I’m too lazy to take a picture so take this from like two days ago
It’s 10:00pm and I’ve been playing God of War for 3 days.